Registration Information for New Students

According to FCPS registration policy, we are unable to register your student until after you are physically residing in your home within our boundary.  Here is the FCPS boundary locator to help you ensure that you reside in the Marshall HS district:   

Boundary Locator Link:

Registration forms link: 

Print, sign and deliver hard copies to George C. Marshall High School, 7731 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA  22043, student services.  Place them in an envelope ATTN:  Elisabeth Barrand.   You can also send them in an email attachment.  Send all documents at one time.  We will not be able to register your student without ALL the documents listed below.

Items needed:

  1. Copy of driver’s license or passport of enrolling parent
  2. Copy of birth certificate of the student (enrolling parents name must be listed on the birth certificate as a parent)
  3. Copy of lease, deed, or tax record of your primary residence (please check to make sure you are living in our boundary through the FCPS boundary locator)
  4. Copy of immunizations   Check the FCPS website to make sure that your student has all up to date immunizations (do they have Tdap?)  If they are not, please visit your doctor or health clinic to get them as soon as possible.

  1. Unofficial final transcript or report card from previous school - Do not send or email the packet of documents without a transcript.  The counselor is unable to place them in classes to begin school without a transcript. What is the contact email for the registrar at students’ previous school?  
  2. IEP or 504 Special Education Documents (only if applicable)
  3. Home Language Survey Form -enrolling parent must sign
  4. Registration A and B Form – enrolling parent must sign
  5. Emergency Care Form -enrolling parent must sign
  6. Health Care Form- signed by enrolling parent
  7. Adjudication Affirmation Form- enrolling parent must sign
  8. Military Compact Form-enrolling parent must sign

Please note that we do not need a full physical form for high school. 

Send all the documents together at one time.  I will send a follow up welcome email to coordinate a meeting with the assigned counselor to choose courses. Please be patient.  There is an extremely high volume of registrations during the summer.  The best method of communicating during this process is via email.  Elisabeth Barrand, Registrar -  @email or @email