Helpful resources for college and career planning, SAT/ACT prep, financial aid, volunteering, summer programs and jobs.

Students can find these resources and more on our Google classroom, join code 56iicf7 (new from-home, school closure version). For parents, use these links to helpful documents: Notes from more than 120 college visits with GCM students, Fall 2020 (for questions on notes, email gkhumphreys@fcps.eduSAT/ACT free prep and registration with directions and tips. List of local test prep companies compiled by FCPS (FCPS does not endorse any company). Help find colleges that fit your plans with My College Search - a Quick Start;

Also: Saving Money in the College Process and questions you need for Focusing Your Scholarship Search to maximize your time/chances. Plus an overall guide to Making a Financial Aid Plan to try and close the affordability gap. A general Scholarship Guide on how to search and apply. Look here for colleges that give a lot of aid to "international students" if you don't qualify for aid as a US Citizen or permanent resident. For college searching: a Quick Guide to Creating Your First Draft List of Colleges that fit your priorities and chances of admission. Examples of Colleges with Better-than-Average Admissions or Financial Aid to GCM (found schools of your own to add to this list? Email them to Are you a GCM graduate? Check these tips that help paying for your undergraduate 4-year, community college or job and career training. 

A great college guide for Virginia and for college help in general, with financial aid info and worksheets for searching and comparing schools. Also en espanol.

Common App and Coalition App Tip Sheet - find answers to many of the frequently asked questions for the two major online college applications, including how to handle recommendations, how to list GCM classes, GPA and credits and tips for the Virginia Tech app.