Student Parking Information

If you are interested in parking at GCM, please refer to the following:

  1. When you park on school grounds your car is subject to search
  2. You must have your pass displayed at all times while on school grounds
  3. Students cannot park in the first three rows of the upper back lot
  4. Students are never allowed to park in the front of the building
  5. Passes can be temporarily revoked for School disciplinary infractions
  6. If your pass is lost a replacement pass costs $50
  7. If your pass is used by another student it will be temporarily revoked
  8. You are not authorized to go to your car during the school day
  9. If you violate the above terms you will receive a $25 ticket
    • After 3 tickets your car will be booted, and your pass revoked until all fines and a $50 boot fee are paid.
    • After the booting process, another ticket will cause revocation of your pass for the school year.
    • If your car is observed on school grounds after the above process it will be towed from the premises at your expense.