Our Culture - The Marshall Way

Our commitments to intervention, instruction, assessment, collaboration, and data analysis

Our Commitments:


  • We collaborate in teams in order to:
    • develop goals that are clear, challenging and attainable through researching, interpreting, clarifying, and organizing external standards.
    • use resources to evaluate goals and modify them to meet the requirements of the vertically articulated curriculum and the needs of the students.
  • We foster supportive relationships and a positive school climate by being accessible, treating students and staff with respect, and by valuing their points of view.
  • We continually reflect on our practice and seek ways to improve.
  • We support and engage in professional development to improve teaching and learning and our work as a Professional Learning Community.
  • We deliver engaging and relevant lessons to all students which incorporate 21st-century skills: critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.


  • All teams regularly deliver common assessments that are stranded according to relevant standards.
  • We communicate how assessments measure student knowledge and skills.
  • We provide specific and timely feedback to all students.
  • Interim, quarter, and final grades reflect what students have demonstrated they know and can do.

Data Analysis

  • All Teams use the resources in Marshall Testing and Assessment Center (MTAC) to facilitate their work.
  • We collect, analyze, discuss, and act upon data to evaluate and improve program, instruction, and student outcomes.
  • In our curriculum teams, we examine data from common assessments to guide classroom instruction and appropriate interventions.


  • We clearly define what is expected of students, provide timely feedback, and assist students in developing and reflecting on personal growth and responsibility.
  • We implement a pyramid of interventions to support individual student progress.
  • We assign students Learn and/or other interventions and follow-up with parents, school counselors, and administrators until students are proficient.

      Improving Access Through Collaboration

      • We provide access to instructional technology for all students.
      • We utilize the strengths of our faculty and staff to provide professional development opportunities which enhance our ability to reach and teach all students.
      • We communicate assessment practices and collaborate to help students balance multiple demands.
      • We strive to include students and parents in the reflection that guides our practice.
      • We strive to identify strengths and areas of need to provide support and enrichment.
      • We are committed to fostering relationships with all stakeholders by forging intentional connections and providing opportunities for connections to be made.