SGA and Leadership Groups


The Marshall SGA/Leadership – General Class is a community service, project-based class that serves to meet the needs of our students and school community. Students develop leadership skills by organizing a service projects for clubs, classes, school, or the community each quarter. Students use the class to collaborate on planning, executing, and reflecting on their events. Leadership students partner with other clubs like Octagon Club and Red Cross Club to support their events in any way. Our goal is to enrich the high school experience for all students by offering events to help Statesmen learn, change, and grow. By the end of the year, Leadership students develop the five traits of a Marshall 5-Star Statesmen: respect, honesty, responsibility, community, and spirit.

SGA Sponsors: Jessica Moskowitz ([email protected]), Melanie Schoonmaker ([email protected])

Senior Class Officers

  • Josie Blanton
  • Tallulah Grivey
  • Yun Kim
  • Simbi Park
  • Cyrus Sharafi

     Senior Class Sponsors: Jessica Moskowitz (@email), Nikita Parmar (@email), Jeffrey Clare (@email), Administrator: Danielle Schoolcraft (@email)

Junior Class Officers

  • Chloe Hoang
  • Eleanor Liang
  • Marshall Pan
  • Samad Quraishi
  • Abin Rlmal

     Junior Class Sponsors: Teressa How-Yew-Kin(@email), Tellas Minor(@email) Administrator: Cornell Williams (@email)

Sophomore Class Officers

  • Ori Udenyi
  • Ria Margaret Millarez
  • Georgia Streett
  • Ishanth Thota
  • Simyu Park

     Sophomore Class Sponsors: Wendy Truitt-Ralph ([email protected]), Halimah Wells (@email)   Administrator: Heather Sondel ([email protected])

Freshmen Class Officers

  • Sri Piramanayagam
  • Khalid Gaafar
  • Elizabeth Yoo
  • Anna Schumer
  • Audriana Anderson

     Freshmen Class Sponsors: Silvia Montes (@email), Jose Portillo (@email)   Administrator: Donnie Olajuwon (@email)

Superintendent Advisory Council 2021-2022

  • Cyrus Sharafi
  • Apoorva Navale
  • Yun Kim
  • Manahil Jawaid
  • Cameron Rahnavardy

School Year Events We Lead or Support

  • Back-to-School Faculty Cookout
  • Statesman Start
  • Back to School Night
  • Class Retreats
  • Collect for Cures/Pennies for Patients Fundraisers
  • Red Cross Club’s Blood Donor Drives
  • 12 Days before Winter Break Charity and Social Events
  • Holidays Charity Toy Drive
  • Faculty vs. Senior Basketball Game
  • Class Elections and Executive Board Election
  • Rising Freshman Orientation
  • Virginia High School League Student Leaders Conference
  • Prom
  • Marshall Clothing Drive
  • Marshall Madness End-of-Year Fair
  • Various As-Needed School Initiatives

Spirit Week and Homecoming Events

  • Dress Days and Learn Games
  • Class Competition Charity Drive (e.g. Book Drive)
  • Spirit Sovereigns 
  • Pep Rally
  • Homecoming Halftime Show
  • Homecoming Dance

Leadership/SGA Teachers