Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and club sponsor information

Fairfax County Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, disability, or age in its programs and activities and provides equal access to all clubs and activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies as they relate to student activities and athletics: Bill Curran, Director Activities and Athletics Fairfax County Public Schools @email

Academic Clubs

Academic Bowl sponsored by Laura Campbell
Academic Bowl is an activity in which high school participants answer trivia questions on a wide variety of academic subjects as a team. A moderator asks questions, and students buzz in to answer them, similar to Jeopardy. We participate in VHSL activities, invitational tournaments, and the It's Academic tv show on NBC. 

Schoology Group Join Code: SSVQ-74MZ-NHTB9

Debate and Forensics sponsored by Laura Champe-Mitchell
Students work together to learn basic debating skills and researching to prepare for competitions.

Model United Nations sponsored by Tyler Bagi and David Gassman
Model UN is a student run organization that simulates that United Nations by debate, student leadership, and resolution of problems. Members compete at conferences both locally and nationally. Also, students compete both individually and as a team by representing a chosen country. The Club meets monthly and operates a website on Blackboard for its members, providing them with information on up-coming conferences, fund raisers, guidance on policy papers, etc.  Blackboard’s MUN site also uses the Discussion Board feature to let students sign up in advance for conference assignments.  Students who sign up for weekend conferences must be in good academic standing.   MUN training is provided once a year at the early October My First MUN Training Conference. 

Co-curricular Clubs

DECA sponsored by Shelley Gaffin and Meredythe Fallon
DECA is a national association of marketing education students, provides teachers and members with educational and leadership development activities to merge with the education classroom instructional program. DECA chapters attract students who are interested in preparing for entrepreneurial, marketing or management careers. DECA utilizes on-the-job experience, chapter projects, and a program of competency-based competitive events in specific marketing occupational areas. These events emphasize academic and vocational excellence.

FBLA sponsored by Shane Kellogg
FBLA is the largest and oldest business student organization in the world! FBLA provides the opportunity to network and socialize with students and professionals within the state, nationally, and internationally. Competitions are held in a variety of academic conferences having over 75 different events from such as: Job interview, cyber security, Database Design & Applications, Management Decision Makin. Public Speaking, Network Design, Accounting, Business Law, and many more!!

Schoology Group Join Code: W4PK-N3JV-9HFH9

Language Clubs

Chinese Club sponsored by Jie Lei
The Chinese Club will promote the study of the Chinese language and culture through various activities

French Club sponsored by Jacques Nong Bateki
​The French Club will educate students on Francophone cultures through activities such as literature, music, and films. 

Schoology Group Join Code: FD46-9532-6XJM6

German Club sponsored by Matthew Kulikosky
The German Club seeks to encourage students to cultivate interest in and knowledge of the German language. It provides a forum for student interaction, socialization, artistic and academic expression.

Schoology Group Join Code: HSM2-FGQJ-4MHF9

Latin Club sponsored by Brian Kane
Latin club promotes the love and appreciation of the Latin language and Ancient Roman culture.

Portuguese Club sponsored by Carlota Shewchuk
The purpose of the Portuguese Club is to encourage the study of the Portuguese language and culture through a variety of programs and activities.

Schoology Group Join Code: FTSG-TXX8-P6H9P


Columbian Yearbook advised by Orhan Yilmaz

Marshall’s student yearbook, the Columbian, has been the school’s premier historical record since our building was opened in 1962. More than just a book of faces, the yearbook tells the story of what it’s like to be a Marshall student. Student journalists fill every page with feature stories and full-color photographs covering all aspects of student life, academics, and sports. The student editors lead the publication; create its theme and vision; and oversee its content. Each May/June, the staff is able to show off their hard work in the form of a treasured annual keepsake.

Schoology Group Join Code: TDVJ-4NJM-2KJ4R

Rank & File Newspaper advised by Shane Short

Founded in 1962, Rank & File is a public forum for students of George C. Marshall High School. Students on the Rank & File staff produce about eight issues a year of a monthly news magazine while also frequently updating an online news site and associated social media accounts. The content of the publication is selected, produced, and edited entirely by student leaders, who are responsible for all editorial and business decisions. Marshall’s student journalists also go out into the community to sell the ads and subscriptions that make it possible to print their publication each month. To learn more, check out Rank & File’s online edition at

Reveille Literary Magazine advised by Meg Hemmingson

Reveille is Marshall's award-winning literary magazine. Reveille is an entirely extracurricular publication; it meets every Wednesday, alternating between after school and during the second half of Lunch & Learn. New members are always welcome! To submit to the magazine digitally upload your writing or art to the dropbox located in Blackboard, under the Library Course, Reveille tab.

Student Government

Student Advisory Council sponsored by Laura Campbell

Student Government Association sponsored by Jessica Moskowitz

Performance Groups

Band directed by Paul Vesilind
Find out more information about the band by visiting their web site.

Choir directed by Tiffany Powell
Find out more information about the choir by visiting their web site.

Dance Team coached by Soma Kalb   email: @email

Dance Team is a year round activity that begins with try-outs in April and continues through Basketball Season in February.  Over the summer the team attends a Universal Dance Association Camp at a local university.  During the year the team performs at a number of school events including halftime of Football and Basketball games.  They also compete both locally and at the National level.  They work in a range of styles every season: jazz, pom, kick, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary.  There are usually open practices on Thursdays in March.  Follow them on Instagram @gcmdanceteam to follow all their upcoming events. 

Orchestra directed by Catherine Bond

Find out more information about the orchestra by visiting their web site.

Theatre directed by Bernie DeLeo

Find out more information about theatre by visiting their web site.

Student Interest Clubs

Anime Club sponsored by Jon Super

The intent of the Anime Club is to provide a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere to lovers of Japanese animation. Meetings will explore various facets of anime and Japanese culture.

Schoology Group Join Code: G58P-PZKW-XRKZF

Arab Student Association sponsored by Sultan Iqab

The Arab Student Association will provide a sense of community and opportunities to participate in activities that explore Arab culture.

Art Club sponsored by Nicole Walter

The Art Club is open to all students who are interested in exploring the visual arts. Art Club meetings include workshops on a variety of exciting art materials and techniques, and are a great way to develop connections with other students who are interested in expressing themselves creatively through art. Anyone is welcome to participate in Art Club activities at any point throughout the year.

Schoology Group Join Code: CDMN-7T4J-SVWF2

Art History Club sponsored by Claire Tinsley

Students will enrich their knowledge of art history, time periods, and styles through slideshows and discussions.

Asian Students Association sponsored by Rachel Kim

The Asian Student Association promotes awareness of Asian cultures through meetings and activities, such as International Night.

Schoology Group Join Code: RSX7-ZJBQ-T4HVT

Best Buddies sponsored by Sarah Espanol

Best Buddies is an organization dedicated to establishing a global volunteer movement that creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships integrated employment and leadership development for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Schoology Group Join Code: BSBW-45D5-V4P9K

Black Student Union sponsored by Wendy Truitt Ralph

The purpose of the Black Student Union is to bring a sense of community to Black students (and various other) groups of students at Marshall who may feel underrepresented.

Schoology Group Join Code: Z67F-55GT-KBDSG

Book Club sponsored by Krissy Ronan

Book Club meets several times a year to talk about books and book-ish things. All kinds of readers are welcome!

Schoology Group Join Code: QG9H-GFR7-9QWFD

Boys Volleyball (interest-only) Club sponsored by Michael Carroll

Boys Volleyball (interest-only) Club will include presentations and discussions about the dynamics of the sport of boys volleyball.

Ceramics Club sponsored by Shanice Medeiros

The Ceramics Club will help students develop an appreciation for the ceramic arts and pottery

Schoology Group Join Code: C7VK-63ZV-C734B

Chemistry Club sponsored by Jeremy Wade

The Chemistry Club will build and enhance students' knowledge on Chemistry through competitions, discussions, debates, and other club activities.

Schoology Group Join Code: 8HTM-4XK2-HBDSM

Chess Club sponsored by Travis Greene

The Chess Club welcomes all students, regardless of experience, who are interested in playing chess. Students will have opportunities to learn about the game and play chess with peers. The Marshall team competes in a league with other local schools including Madison and Thomas Jefferson.

Schoology Group Join Code: 4M4P-2XTP-SM7FN

College Partnership sponsored by Gardner Humphreys

College Partnership Program’s program goals are to increase the academic achievement of students and to increase the number of students particularly first generation and minority students, who enroll in CPP and succeed in college. The CPP creates opportunities for students to successfully navigate the home, school, college, and work continuum. Participating colleges and universities sponsor a variety of activities to increase students’ and parents’ knowledge and understanding of higher education programs and college life and to enhance students’ motivation for higher academic achievement.

Commit to Cure Club sponsored by Richard Resig

The purpose of this club is to spread awareness of breast cancer, conduct donation drives, volunteer at local hospitals, and support survivors.

Schoology Group Join Code: 27B2-384B-CC9V9

Competitive Programming Club sponsored by Steven Willmore

Competitive Programming Club teaches programming concepts and provides opportunities to apply them in local and national competitions.

Cookies and Cards Club sponsored by Amanda Schall

Cookies and Cards Club involves baked goods/snacks and card related games. 

Schoology Group Join Code: G5BP-FZN9-W2QWG

Creative Writing Club sponsored by Meg Hemmingson

The Creative Writing Club is a group of young writers who want to improve in their creative writing skills. Members will be taught tips and tricks for their writing, learn basic creative writing structures, and set aside time for writing.

Schoology Group Join Code: 7TD9-3B3N-WGTVV

Crochet Club sponsored by Alexandrea Riddell

Crochet Club will teach students how to crochet and share their creativity with the community through various projects. 

Schoology Group Join Code: 67TB-HHSW-6T675

Cyber Griffins sponsored by Wolfgang Oertner

The Cyber Griffins Club builds practical knowledge and skills in the information technology field to prepare students for the Cybersecurity and IT career pathways. This club also prepares students for industry certifications.

Cyber Security Club sponsored by Mark Nagurney and Wolfgang Oertner

The Cyber Club is an organization comprised of Marshall Academy students focused on cyber security education and competition.

Dungeons and Dragons Club sponsored by Joe Vargo​

Dungeons and Dragons Club will teach students to think, write, and solve puzzles on while playing an adventure game with friends.

Schoology Group Join Code: R8KT-JXM3-VW6TM

Earth Force sponsored by Tyler Fox

Earth Force engages young people as active citizens who improve the environment and their communities now and in the future. Earth Force works on student-led projects and initiatives dealing with environmental issues.

Empowering Virginia Youth sponsored by Lucas Kline

Empowering Virginia Youth (EVY) focuses on empowering high schoolers and providing them with a space to express their thoughts and feelings, whilst raising awareness and solving real-world issues.

Schoology Group Join Code: DPVV-4PBJ-22SX4

Entrepreneurship Club sponsored by Meredythe Fallon and Jeff Clare

Entrepreneurship Club provides students with ideas related to starting a small business or promoting businesses they have already started. Guest speakers will be invited to provide business tips and suggestions, such as advertising and promotion.

Ethnic Foods Club sponsored by Shanice Medeiros

The Ethnic Foods Club will bring in foods to share and educate members about the foods of various cultures. Concepts relate to food and cultural heritage will be discussed. 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) sponsored by Angela Rizzo

The FCA Mission: To present to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the Church. All students are welcome to join in the fellowship regardless of religious background or athletic interests.

Schoology Group Join Code: QP77-7MSG-RGF66

Feminist Book Club sponsored by Olivia Tate

This book club will focus on reading books with strong female leads every month. The books will be discussed at monthly meetings, including information on the plot and characters and how the book impacts feminism in today's world.

Schoology Group Join Code: H8DQ-7S6M-DWBST

Film Club sponsored by Pierce Bello

The purpose of Film Club is to build a community surrounding film as an art, similar to a book club, or art club, in which participants can gain interest, learn, and discover more about the art.

Schoology Group Join Code: XQBJ-X3G2-B84DT

Financial Literacy and Economics Club sponsored by Sandra Dougherty

Financial Literacy and Economics Club aims to teach financial literacy, basic investment strategies, and economics through interactive learning. The club's goal is to financially prepare all Marshall students for their professional futures.

Schoology Group Join Code: V8PT-PDNJ-J3T5H

FIRST Robotics sponsored by Patrick Ander

FIRST Robotics gives students an opportunity to be involved in design, fabrication, programming, engineering, public relations, graphic design, finance, and numerous other skills related to FIRST Robotics. Check out the FIRST Robotics web site here:

For the Kids Club sponsored by Shelley Gaffin and Shane Kellogg

For the Kids Club will take initiative to help students explore information and create awareness about pediatric cancer.

Game Club sponsored by Mark Nagurney

Game Club is an after-school club that encourages students to explore game development careers by learning about game history and analyzing what makes a good game. Games refer to most mediums like: video games, board games, card games, and tabletop-roleplaying games.

GCM Unplugged Club sponsored by Catherine Green

GCM Unplugged is a service and volunteer based club with the emphasis of an absence of technology. The purpose is to bring students together and clear their minds without the use of technology while also creating an impact on the community.

Schoology Group Join Code: WVTS-R5MF-8PK3T

Gender Sexuality Alliance sponsored by Rachel Baxter

The Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is a club which provides a place for all students, of whatever sexual orientation, to feel welcome and comfortable. The group aims to raise awareness of issues facing LGBTQ students, who face physical and mental abuse at a much higher rate than other students. 

Schoology Group Join Code: NVZG-294Z-PPBCF

Girls Who Code Club sponsored by Shelli Farquharson

Girls Who Code supports students who are interested in IT, coding, and cybersecurity and expose them to enrichment opportunities in those fields.

Go M.A.D. Club sponsored by Matt Horne

The Go M.A.D. Club will educate children on overall health (physical and mental) while also providing guidance in other areas such as education. The club will visit elementary schools after school on Fridays to talk about a variety of topics including bullying and emotional awareness.

Heritage Club sponsored Shelli Farquharson

The Heritage Club is interested in learning about and celebrating African Culture as well as community service projects.

Human Rights Education and Collaboration Club sponsored by Tim Gill

The purpose of this club is to create awareness about and advocate for change related to human rights.

Schoology Group Join Code: 7W46-ZTR8-P6WXT

Humane Society Club sponsored by Gita Singh

The main idea of GCM Humane Society Club is to promote better animal welfare by engaging our Marshall community by hosting fundraising events, collecting donations for the local animal shelters, offering volunteering opportunities at animal shelters and adoption events. While offering many opportunities to receive service hours, our main goal is to help out our local community. 

Schoology Group Join Code: H6S5-D9J5-BRP6K

Improv Club sponsored by Bernie DeLeo

Improv Club will provide students with opportunities to play improv games, watch improv videos, and learn about and appreciation the art of improv.

Indian Student Cultural Association (ISCA) sponsored by Gita Singh

The purpose of the GCM ISCA is to create a unified community for students with Indian backgrounds, make a safe space for individuals to talk about their experiences, and inform peers about Indian culture.

Interact Club sponsored by Jennifer Butterworth

The Interact Club inspires young leaders through service and encourages them to become responsible global citizens. The club's purpose is to develop leadership skills, learn the value of school and community service, discover new cultures, and promote international understanding. 

Schoology Group Join Code: 785X-W8VV-4WHDB

Jewish Student Union Club sponsored by Katy Sokolove

The Jewish Student Union Club is dedicated to the celebration, practice, and education regarding Jewish culture and religion for interested students at Marshall High School.

Schoology Group Join Code: 7FCS-XR6C-XGDQZ

Key Club sponsored by Pierce Bello

Key Club is an international student-led organization which provides its members with opportunities to provide service, build character and develop leadership.

Schoology Group Join Code: 5SSS-5WVX-2NMSN

Kids Are Scientists Too sponsored by Jeremy Wade

KAST aims to promote science by traveling to local elementary schools and presenting ideas, concepts, and activities.

Korean Culture Club sponsored by Cynthia Thomasson

The Korean Culture Club is a club to share and enjoy various aspects of Korean culture including Korean food, traditions, and media.

Schoology Group Join Code: 565K-W53G-NRF2C

Kurdish Student Association sponsored by Mark Smith

Kurdish Student Association (KSA) aims to teach students the history, language, and culture of Kurdistan.

Laser League (Interest-only) Club sponsored by Michael Thomas

Laser League is an interest-only club based on the sport of laser tag. The purpose of this organization shall be to introduce a basis for laser tag related projects and seminars. This grants club members an opportunity to be part of a growing community. Enthusiasts will be able to join up together to learn, discuss, and share about the sport.

Latinos United sponsored by Estefanía Vargas Claros and Alicia del Barrio Escribano

The purpose of Latinos United is to make a change in the Latino community. It is a student led club that promotes bonding to make everyone feel welcomed. The members of this club work together to organize fundraisers for Latino organizations. 

Learn Concert Committee sponsored by Sarah BagleyMatthew Horne, and Jonathan Super

Learn Concert Committee will coordinate musical performances from a diverse group of student performers and musical acts during Learn.

Schoology Group Join Code: GPTW-8J3X-TBCK3

LGBTQ+ Media and Literature Club sponsored by Paul Fauteux

LGBTQ+ Media and Literature Club serves as an inclusive space for students to discuss, debate, connect, and communicate about queer media and literature.

Linguistics Club sponsored by Matt Axelrod

The purpose of Linguistics Club is to introduce students to the field and prepare them for the North American Linguistics Olympiad competition.

Marshall Minds Matter sponsored by Jenna Mollura

The Marshall Minds Matter program is a student-led club model in which teens are trained and empowered to promote school-wide social connectedness, to encourage help-seeking behavior, and to develop coping skills via youth-led activities. Marshall Minds Matter works to instill holistic growth in students, so they are stronger not only mentally but also as leaders and changemakers in their community. We hope to support mental health, make support accessible, raise awareness about overall wellness.

Schoology Group Join Code: 89QG-P3TB-KP7RS

Marshall Women in STEM sponsored by Brenna Killeen

This club provides leadership opportunities in the STEM and humanities fields. Many of these fields are male-populated, and this club is designed to encourage women to pursue these occupations through meetings, seminars, and possible field trip opportunities.

Martial Arts (interest-only) Club sponsored by Jeff Clare

Martial Arts (interest-only club) will help students to develop better sportsmanship, physical and mental wellbeing, learn about different cultures and traditions, and to have an overall better life style.

Schoology Group Join Code: 8496-8CRX-3D6TX

Medical Humanities Magazine sponsored by Catherine Green

Medical Humanities Magazine or Decreta will provide a platform for sharing stories from those in the medical care community.

Schoology Group Join Code: 3FVG-F7P2-BV6B5

Medical Science Club sponsored by Nicole Shook

Medical Science Club allows students who are interested in any field of medicine to receive exposure from different professionals and expand their knowledge about the field. In addition, we incorporate service to help the community and engage others in science!

Schoology Group Join Code: BTCC-BRVC-P7JF5

Meditation Club sponsored by Sandra Dougherty

The Meditation Club's purpose is to offer students a place to meditate and encourage healthy reactions to stress and increase mindfulness.

Military Youth Liaison Club sponsored by Steve Richmond

MYLO will provide helpful resources and outreach opportunities between Marshall students and the local military community.

Mock Trial Club sponsored by Olivia Tate

The Mock Trial Club serves as a platform for students who are interested in law and government to compete in imitation trial competitions against other schools. 

Schoology Group Join Code: JM2Z-HNS2-2SJJ7

Music Appreciation Club sponsored by Tanya Ratner

The Music Appreciation Club will serve as a place for people with a deep appreciation of music to come together and discuss, perform, and learn. 

Music Production Club sponsored by Jeffrey Clare

The Music Production Club will focus on the production digital beats, vocals, and general music. Students will learn how to produce using FL Studio and create their own tracks.

Muslim Students Association sponsored by Abeer El-Baz and Jennifer Butterworth

The Muslim Student Association is a club where students can learn more about Islam and come together for events as a Muslim community.

Neuroscience Club sponsored by Shane Kellogg

Neuroscience Club aims to educate students about the foundations of neuroscience while also collectively researching the newest discoveries and developments in the field.

Old Souls Club sponsored by Meg Hemmingson

Old Souls Club is a meeting of students interested in the textile arts such as quilting, knitting, and embroidering.

Schoology Group Join Code: 6PKZ-KHQ6-3QZNZ

Octagon Club sponsored Silvia Montes

The Optimist/Octagon Club strives to make the school community a better place through volunteerism and community service.

Schoology Group Join Code: 63FZ-C5JR-P4D9B

Peace in the Middle East Club sponsored by Shane Kellogg

The purpose of Peace in the Middle East Club is to make a change in Middle Eastern countries that typically have conflict with each other. It is a student-led club that promotes connecting students to work together to learn and spread awareness for Middle Eastern countries that are suffering.

Performance Arts Club sponsored by Catherine Bond

The Performing Arts Club will give back to the community by providing free entertainment of the arts for those who are not physically able.

Persian Students Association sponsored by Kevin Curtin

The Persian Student Association offers a welcoming space at Marshall that allows all students to learn about and appreciate Persian culture.

Schoology Group Join Code: M3TP-G5JT-R8SCJ

Photo Club sponsored by Amanda Kahnell

Photo Club is dedicated to learning, teaching, practicing, and exhibiting photographic art.

Schoology Group Join Code: KXBC-84N3-K4T57

Politics Club sponsored by Kevin Curtin

Politics Club is a non-partisan school club dedicated to the enrichment of students' knowledge of global politics, political challenges, and political beliefs. The Politics Club aims to encourage the field of political science through related activities.

Psychology Club sponsored by Wanlace Yates

The Psychology Club will explore information and resources about the field of psychology.

Schoology Group Join Code: F8VC-24SK-BS3FF

Red Cross Club sponsored by Lisa Lubick-Daniel

American Red Cross school clubs are youth service groups that help the Red Cross fulfill its humanitarian mission of preparing for, preventing and responding to emergencies. Working closely with our local chapter and a school advisor, club members participate in Red Cross service projects that help their schools, their communities and the world.

Schoology Group Join Code: 672G-J87N-M976G

Rocketry Club sponsored by Alexander Gregory

Rocketry Club is a student-run club where students work together to create model rockets to compete in various competitions. Members advance their engineering skills and learn how to safely create and launch a model rocket as a team. 

Schoology Group Join Code: 748D-375Q-4NDKX

Science Olympiad sponsored by Jennifer Holder

Science Olympiad is a national non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of K-12 science education, increasing male, female and minority interest in science, creating a technologically-literate workforce and providing recognition for outstanding achievement by both students and teachers.  These goals are achieved by participating in Science Olympiad tournaments and non-competitive events, incorporating Science Olympiad into classroom curriculum and attending teacher training institutes.

SLAM Club sponsored by Jennifer Butterworth

SLAM, a student-led organization, strives to provide volunteer opportunities and exposure to students/faculty interested in making a change within and outside our Marshall community.

Schoology Group Join Code: HF5R-H2QF-GNC7M

Slam Poetry Club sponsored by Claire Tinsley

Slam Poetry Club provides students with the opportunity to share their original works or works they have found. The club will also give students an opportunity to strengthen their public speaking skills.

Snooze Club sponsored by Elizabeth Toledo

The goal of the Snooze Club is to make sleep science more relatable to students.

Schoology Group Join Code: 44NZ-BJSV-NDBS6

South Asian Dance Youth Club (interest-only) sponsored by Lucas Kline

SADY allows for a student-led creative dance outlet. We intend to bring students together through love for culture and dance to make friends and learn from each other while expanding interests. 

Schoology Group Join Code: GDXC-64KD-J7N97

South Asian Students Association sponsored by Tiffany Powell

This club will hold monthly meetings. This club strives to promote the awareness of various South Asian cultures and promote diversity within the Marshall community. Throughout meetings, members will discuss similarities in their cultures, such as food and clothing. This club is a space for students to bond and share experiences.

Special Olympics sponsored by Sarah Espanol and Tellas Minor

The mission of Special Olympics is to provide sports training and athletic competition in a variety of Olympic-type sports for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, giving them continuing opportunities to develop physical fitness, demonstrate courage, experience joy and participate in a sharing of gifts, skills, and friendship with their families, other Special Olympic athletes and the community.

Sports Debate and Discussion Club sponsored by Amanda Schall

The Sports Debate and Discussion Club will provide students with the opportunity to express interest in sports and teams by participating in monthly sports talk meetings.

Sports Statistics and Fandom Club sponsored by Sarah Espanol

Students will meet to discuss facts, statistics, and analytics related to various sports.

Schoology Group Join Code: 4QZ6-9CRS-PH4KW

Star Trek Club sponsored by Cynthia Thomasson

The purpose of the Star Trek Club is to give students a place to think about space travel and be part of the world of Star Trek.

START Club sponsored by Haley Wess and Joe George

The START Club is a club designed to support new transfer students as they transition from their old school to Marshall High School. START Ambassadors provide tours for new students, and then, mentor new transfer students for the year. The club will host a few social events for transfer students to help them meet both old and new Statesmen.

STEM Research Club sponsored by Ellie Iddings

Through STEM Research Club, students will be able to conduct research in a collaborative environment for competing in science fairs, competitions, or increasing their knowledge in STEM. 

Schoology Group Join Code: TWNQ-S4QP-3MRV4

Stop Student Drug Use Club sponsored by Samuel Chiron

The purpose of this club is to raise awareness about juvenile drug abuse through creating awareness posters, hosting awareness events, and donating goods to substance abuse support groups.

Schoology Group Join Code: 3PR5-RVXB-37XSK

Sustainable Fashion Society sponsored by Adam Richards

Sustainable Fashion Society will aim to spread awareness surrounding fast fashion and its negative impacts. The club will discuss alternatives to fast fashion and how to be more sustainable.

Schoology Group Join Code: QF5X-HZP8-C3R72

Table Top Club sponsored by Mark Smith
Table Top Club will be a space for players to learn how to play and participate in board and card games for stress relief from the pressures of academics.

Schoology Group Join Code: 6GP4-CDQ7-4HMB9

Technology Students Association sponsored by Alexander Gregory

Technology Students Association will help students to prepare for various STEM competitions throughout the school year. 

Schoology Group Join Code: VSMH-9GMB-KQ7J4

Ukulele Club sponsored by Brenna Killeen

Ukulele Club offers a fun, social environment in which experienced players and beginners alike will be able to learn, play, and collaborate with each other. Meetings will consists of lessons taught by experienced players, group collaborations, and music arrangement. Performances may be held where members perform music that they have worked on in meetings throughout the year.

Schoology Group Join Code: KZNR-R6K5-NDQF7

Vertical Ventures (Interest-only) Club sponsored by Alexander Gregory

Vertical Ventures (Interest-only) Club is a place for students to conduct discussions about the sport of rock climbing. 

Veterinary Science Club sponsored by Cynthia Thomasson

The Veterinary Science Club is aiming to create fun activities to educate students about veterinary science, to create opportunities to shadow veterinarians according to local school administration approval to gain a sense of what they do, and to bring in guest speakers to educate students on the veterinary field.

Schoology Group Join Code: GZ84-RTWF-6372C

Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) sponsored by Annie Phan

The VSA provides a positive community for those who are interested in learning about and getting involved in Vietnamese culture. These opportunities will be provided through cultural activities, events, and monthly service projects.

Schoology Group Join Code: 3SKK-MVX5-3R8NT

Women in Business Club sponsored by Shelley Gaffin

The Women in Business Club will provide opportunities and resources to encourage students to learn from various experiences and pursue the business field. 

Schoology Group Join Code: PHP8-4DF7-5M3V5

Women in Law Club sponsored by Amanda Schall

Women in Law Club aims to empower girls who wish to pursue a career in law and give them insight into what the field is like by speaking with professionals who work in the career.

Schoology Group Join Code: HG85-V46K-WGJW6

Young Democrats Club sponsored by Amanda Schall

The Young Democrats of America (YDA) is the largest youth-led, national, partisan political organization. YDA mobilizes young people to participate in the electoral process, influences the ideals of the Democratic Party, and develops the skills of the youth generation to serve as leaders at the local and national level.

Schoology Group Join Code: S9ZX-M7VM-59GJH

Young Progressives Club sponsored by Rachel Baxter

Young Progressives Club will work toward further progressive political values within the Marshall community, support progressive politicians, and inform students about current political events.

Young Republicans Club sponsored by Richard Resig

Young Republicans is a partisan club where students can get more involved in and educated about politics. Young Republicans aims to offer a safe space for high school students who are passionate about politics to share their perspectives on current day events and national issues.

Honor Societies

Chinese Honor Society sponsored by Jie Lei
Chinese Honor Society’s objective is to acknowledge the superior achievement of students studying Chinese as a second language. Like other honor societies, the Chinese Honor Society not only recognizes high scholastic achievement but also good character, leadership, and service. Members should exemplify all these standards.  The Society’s goal is to promote enthusiasm for Chinese language learning and culture, commitment to advanced study, and greater cross-cultural understanding.

Chinese Honor Society Criteria

DECA Honor Society sponsored by Shelley Gaffin
DECA Honor Society is recognizing high achieving students involved in the DECA organization.

DECA Honor Society Criteria

English Honor Society sponsored by Matt Horne
The National English Honor Society (NEHS is the only national organization exclusively for high school students and faculty) who, in the field of English, merit special note for past and current accomplishments. Immediate benefits of affiliation will be recognition, scholarship eligibility, and opportunities for national networking with others who share enthusiasm for, and accomplishment in the language arts.

French Honor Society sponsored by Matt Hanlon
The French Honor Society not only recognizes high scholastic achievement but also good character, leadership, and service. Members should exemplify all these standards.  The Society’s goal is to promote enthusiasm for French and Francophone language learning and culture, commitment to advanced study, and a greater cross-cultural understanding. This Society is open to IB French students, and junior and senior French students in good standing. Meetings for French Honor Society are generally held in Room F103 on Wednesdays.

French Honor Society Criteria

International Thespians Society sponsored by Bernie DeLeo
The International Thespians Society is the only organization to honor secondary school students for outstanding work in theatre. The society focuses on the students; their achievements, involvement, and access to quality theatre arts instruction Thespian membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in theatre arts which meets the Society’s general guidelines.

International Thespians Honor Society Criteria

Latin Honor Society sponsored by Brian Kane
The Latin Honor Society is an honorary organization for students who have exhibited excellence in the study of the Latin language. Students in the Latin Honor Society must demonstrate dedication and enthusiasm for the language.

Latin Honor Society Criteria

Math Honor Society sponsored by Nevine Spicer
Math Honor Society is dedicated to inspiring and cultivating an interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics through meetings, activities, and programs. Members are students that have excelled in and have a passion for math.

Math Honor Society Application

National Art Honor Society sponsored by Nicole Walter
The Art Honor Society exists as a way to inspire and recognize students who have shown outstanding ability and passion for art, and as a way to promote a broader awareness in the school and local community about the value of the Arts. Membership in NAHS is available to all currently enrolled Visual Arts students (grades 10-12) with a grade of at least a B+ in their Visual Arts course(s). Eligible students will be invited to apply for membership, during the 1st quarter of the school year, by their art teacher.

National Art Honor Society Criteria

National Honor Society sponsored by Claire Tinsley and Catherine Green
The National Honor Society (NHS) is a recognition program for high school students in the United States and several other countries. Marshall’s NHS chapter honors juniors and seniors who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.​ 

National Honor Society Criteria

National Technical Honor Society sponsored by Shelli Farquharson
The National Technical Honor Society (NTHS) currently serves approximately 100,000 active members and nearly a million since its inception in 1984. Over $250,000 in scholarships is awarded annually to its members. NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. 

National Technical Honor Society Criteria

Quill and Scroll Journalism International Honor Society sponsored by Orhan Yilmaz and Shane Short
Quill and Scroll International Honorary Society for High School Journalists was organized April 10, 1926, at the University of Iowa by renowned pollster George H. Gallup and a group of high school advisers for the purpose of encouraging and recognizing individual student achievement in journalism and scholastic publication. The honor society is open to junior and senior students who have performed well academically and have done superior work as a member of one of Marshall’s student publications. Interested students must be recommended by the publication’s adviser.

Quill and Scroll Honor Society Criteria

Science Honor Society sponsored by Angela Rizzo and Nimel Theodore
The organization of the Science National Honor Society is one of volunteers who are teachers, scientists, and business people. These people are dedicated to creating a new cadre of scientific young people who will help to run tomorrow's high tech world.

Science National Honor Society Criteria

Social Studies Honor Society sponsored by Wanlace Yates

The Social Studies Honor Society is established for high school juniors and seniors who demonstrate excellent academic performance in the discipline. Regular (monthly) meetings and events offer a variety of ways to advance understanding in the Social Studies, including debates, film viewings, and guest presentations. Students receive points for participating in SSHS events or other enrichment activities such as peer tutoring; by accruing the necessary points, students are awarded membership in the Social Studies Honor Society and receive a tassel for graduation.

Spanish Honor Society sponsored by Norma Montalvan Banks and Silvia Montes
The Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (SHH) is an honor society for high school students enrolled in Spanish and/or Portuguese, sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and PortugueseIt was formally organized as the Spanish National Honor Society in 1953. The name was changed to Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica in 1959. At present there are over 2,000 national and international chapters. The purpose of the society is to recognize high achievement of high school students in the Spanish and Portuguese languages and to promote a continuing interest in Hispanic and Portuguese studies. Meetings are generally held in Room E103 or B114.

Spanish Honor Society Criteria

Tri-M Music Honor Society sponsored by Tiffany Powell
Tri-M Music Honor Society is an international music honor society designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership.

Tri-M Music Honor Society Criteria

Starting A Club

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