Student Services

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Mission Statement

The Marshall High School Student Services Department provides a comprehensive developmental school counseling program designed to guide all students toward becoming responsible, productive and caring members of society. In collaboration with school staff, parents and guardians and community stakeholders, GCM counselors work to:

  • Support all students in becoming successful lifelong learners;
  • Empower each student to make academic progress and move toward his or her future college and career goals;
  • Foster strong personal and social relationships through respect, responsibility, honesty, community, and spirit

Our Services

The school counselors, psychologists, social workers, career center specialist, parent liaisons and the director of student services support the school beliefs through student services department programs and activities. The department offers individual and group counseling, educational and career planning, consultation with parents and staff, informational programs and activities, identification and support of students with special needs, crisis intervention/problem solving, and referrals to community agencies.