By Tech Assistant
Awards & Recognition
March 13, 2018

3,500 Virginia DECA Marketing students competed at this year’s annualDECA Students stand on a stairwell for a group picture Virginia DECA State Competition in Virginia Beach March 2nd- March 4th, 2018.

38 George C. Marshall High School and Academy DECA students represented our chapter at this year’s annual Virginia DECA State Competition with another exceptional performance. 18 of George C. Marshall DECA students have qualified to represent our chapter and compete at ICDC in Atlanta, GA April 21st – April 26th, 2018.

Name of Student Event
Jonah Adler Food Marketing Series
Carolyn Belt Human Resources Management
Maya Casey & Chris Walton Business Law and Ethics Team Decision Making
Victor Bernstein, Maria Perla, and Michael Texin Advertising Campaign
Erica Buday, Elinor Frothingham, & Natalie Ruffner Sports and Entertainment Promotion Plan
Jonathan Chen Business Growth Plan
Renzie Enaje & Andrea Guzman-Kern Creative Marketing Project
Gelila Kebede Hospitality & Tourism Professional Selling
Matthew Lee Principles of Business Management and Administration
Charles Matthews Business Services
Laith Samamreh Hotel and Lodging
Owen Williams Hospitality & Tourism Operations

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