Marshall HS Teacher Honored by JEA

By Web Curator
Awards & Recognition
February 18, 2020

Marshall High journalism teacher Dan Reinish has been named a Special Recognition Adviser by the Journalism Education Association. He is one of eight advisers selected nationally for this distinguished honor. Reinish was offered his position while serving as a long-term substitute teacher and, at Marshall, stresses problem-solving, collaboration, communication, technology, and risk taking.   “One of the most important 21st century skills taught in this program is that of collaboration and problem-solving,” Reinish said. “The yearbook staff is broken up into a handful of small teams, each with a leader who is appointed by the editor-in-chief. Along the way, students run into the inherent challenges of teamwork. My first step is always to let students try to figure it out on their own — and they frequently do."

Reinish, a Certified Journalism Educator, believes that students learn as much by failing as they do by succeeding. “I work hard to provide students with the tools, know-how, emotional support, time, and space necessary to succeed,” he said. “But I also let my students try things that end up not working. I’ve seen many a well-intentioned organizational plan or system of accountability flop. I’ve seen students make decisions that are not necessarily the ones I would have made. This is because, at the end of the day, they need to be able to try things and see what happens.”

“The yearbooks Dan has advised and the relationships he has with the students who make these books are a testament to his talent as an adviser,” said Meghan Percival, journalism adviser at McLean High. “Under Dan’s guidance, the yearbook staffs at Marshall have created publications that are not only beautifully designed and feature stunning photography, but they are also journalistic. Dan teaches his students the skills they need and then fosters an environment where the student leaders are empowered to make decisions.”

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