Marshall Mark Internship Program

By Hendrick Booz - English Teacher
October 10, 2017

Contact: Hendrick Booz 

Description of Program: Eligible seniors will participate in a 10-day internship in local businesses, schools, and community service organizations in our area. This experience will benefit students in numerous ways: to help them explore a possible area of interest in college, to provide tangible experience putting academic interests in action in a non-academic setting, and, for some, to have a chance to give time and effort to organizations that need both. 

Tentative Timing of 2018 Marshall Mark: While the specific dates are not set yet, we anticipate the program to begin following the IB exams and will last for two weeks.

Selection of Students: A senior is eligible for the Marshall Mark Internship Program if she/he meets ALL of the following criteria. 

● A 2.75 cumulative GPA at 7th semester. Students must have a C or higher as a cumulative grade in each class at the end of the third quarter.

● No more than nine (9) unexcused or unverified absences for the first three (3) quarters, obviously not including school-related activities and two (2) days allotted for college visits.

● Teachers’ signatures and the senior class principal’s signature to show that student is in good standing regarding attendance, discipline, and grades. 

● Submits Marshall Mark Application Packet (Proposal MUST be typed).

● Attends Ethics Day Forum. 

● Performing Arts Policy: If students are enrolled in a band, choir, guitar, or orchestra course during senior year and plan to participate in the program, they need to consider that all rehearsals are mandatory. These include class period rehearsals, after school rehearsals and dress rehearsals.  They will need to meet with their teacher(s) to determine the specific rehearsal schedule for their class(es). 

 Grading: Students will complete classes by the time the internships start.   A student’s final grade for each class will be the determined by the grades achieved up to the point of the internship. Marshall Mark seniors must arrange to finish the course, including the final exam. Participating in this program may necessitate an alternate date for students’ final exams. 

● Student Presentations: Students will make a 10-minute presentation upon the completion of the internship. This presentation will be based on the research the student does about the organization and the insights gained during the internship. Students will present to their mentor teacher.