By Tech Assistant
April 04, 2018

Congratulations to our Marshall Science Students, who not only did amazingly well at the Regional Science Fair but also honorably represented Marshall High School!  In total, over 600 students presented over 400 projects, which were divided into 21 categories.  Of our 20 projects, every single project won an award either by placing in their respective category or from an organization.  19 of our 20 projects placed in their respective categories and our students won $1640 from the Organizations/Companies represented there. 

The first place award recipients have the opportunity to compete at the State Science Fair in mid-April.

Project Title

Individual Name or Team Names Together



Organization Prizes

Phenol Red as a Novel Application for the Detection of E. coli in Water Mediums

Suchitra Sudarshan


American Water Works Association, Graduate Women in Science, Virginia Dental Association

The Danger of Non-Ionizing Radiation

DaYeon Choi


American Industrial Hygiene Association

The Effect of Wind Speed on the Melting Time of Sea Ice

Lily Toruteva


American Meteorological Society, Arctic Research Association, Federal Water Quality Association, Geological Society of Washington

The Effect of Different Concentrations of Carbonic Acid on the Dissociation of Limestone

Luka Gabitsinashvili



The Effect of Temperature on the Power Output of Lithium Batteries

Grace Grossmann


American Society of Mechanical Engineers

The Effect of Parabolic Mirror Focal Length on Focal Point Temperature

Srikar Chittari


Aerospace Corporation, Optical Society of America

The Potential Generation of Electricity by Ambient Sound

Sydney Roberts


American Association of University Women, Patent and Trademark Office Society

The Effficiency of Stirling Engines vs. Solar panels Using Solar Energy

Claire Casey


Optical Society of America, Society of Women Engineers

Extraterrestrial Exploration: Optimizing the Rocker-Bogie Suspension System

Elena Bachman


American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT Club of DC, Office of Naval Research, Society of Women Engineers, VA Tech

Cruising in a Timely Fashion

Nina Orozco



Magnetohydrodynamic Drives: Marine Propulsion without Moving Parts

Ethan Nguyen, Charan Vemuri



The Future of Potable Water: Reusable Nanoscale Arsenic Ion Sensor

Rishabh Jain


American Society of Mechanical Engineers, American Water Works Association, Arizona State University

Defying Gravity With A Backspin?

Caden Arthur


Patent and Trademark Office Society

Using Acoustic Properties to Model the Topographical Scanning Capabilities of an STM

Aidan Hijazi-Klop



The Effect of pH on Yellow Mustard Seed Germination Over a 3 Day Period

Maheen Saeed



The Elimination of Potential Phytotoxicity by Nickel Chloride in the Vigna radiata Plant

Sanya Gulati



The Effect of Insecticides on the Growth of Vallisneria

Andrew Nguyen



The Effect of Carbon Dioxide on Seed Germination

Robert Axtell


Clean Air Partners

Skynet Takes Creative Writing 101: Network Size and its Effect on Text Generating LSTMs

Isaac Feldman



Nanoparticles - Encapsulated Curcumin and Carnosic Acid Alter the Mitochondria of Prostate Cancer Cells

Diana Damenova


Commissioned Officer Association