Attendance Reporting Instructions

Report an absence, tardy, or early check-out using our Online Attendance Form or by calling our Attendance Line at 703-714-5447

If your student was inaccurately marked absent for a class, contact the teacher directly using Schoology or our Staff Directory. The teacher will contact the Attendance Office should a change in attendance be necessary.

Only Parents or Legal Guardians are allowed to report a student absence, tardy or early check-out.

Online Attendance Form

NOTE:  As teachers are experiencing challenges with students that are not participating in virtual learning sessions, a process has been developed to assist teachers and administrators with identifying and recording instances when non-participation occurs. The following criteria highlights what is meant to receive an attendance CUT code for a non-participating student. 

  • After multiple attempts to get a response from the student, no responses and/or no activity occured.
  • There was no evidence of in-class work completed or participation in the activity that was required of the student.
Students need to be reminded that logging in is just part of being present in class.  Participating and being engaged during class is also needed to keep the attendance CUT code from being used for that class.  

Read more about our Attendance Policies and Procedures and let us know if you have any questions.

Attendance Office Staff: Maribel Sanchez (English and Spanish) 703-714-5447 | @email

Dean of Students: Brian Staton (Attendance Administrator) 703-714-5442 |  @email